The Marketing and Communications department is responsible for Central Carolina Technical College’s brand, publications, photography, print and digital advertising, social media, web content and media relations.

To ensure quality and consistency, any messaging that promotes the college must be approved by the Marketing and Communications department.

Brand Guidelines

CCTC is proud of our identity and strives to build positive brand awareness within our communities. Our aim is to become a primary resource for the college and community regarding our brand, so we can tell Central Carolina’s story in the best way possible.

College Logos

Primary Logo

Our primary logo is the official mark of the college. It is the most visible element of our identity. The logo should be used in a consistent manner and should not be altered in any way. We offer four logo options to accommodate the proportion of your available space.

The logo, adopted by the college in 2016, illustrates a globe surrounded by four paths. The four paths represent the four counties we serve: Clarendon, Kershaw, Lee and Sumter. The globe reflects our ongoing mission to provide local training for global technology.

Titan Mascot Logo

The official mascot of CCTC, adopted in 2019, is the Titan. The color guidelines are the same for the Titan as for the CCTC primary logos. The Titan logo should not be altered in any way.

The Titan is also available in one-color formats when a one-color logo is needed. The one-color logo is available in white, college gold, college navy and black.

College Colors

Approved college colors

CCTC uses navy blue and gold as its two primary colors. Other colors have been added to the college’s color palette to complement the official colors. They should not replace or overpower CCTC’s primary colors. Colors appear differently on your computer monitor than they do in print.

College Typography

Approved college fonts:

The four primary fonts used in CCTC college publications are Avenir, Avenir Next Condensed, Minion Pro and Impact. Other fonts may be used in lieu of Avenir such as Arial or Century Gothic.

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